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Day 16 - Questions

Day 16 - CAMELS Rating

( CAMELS Rating, Indian Banks Rating )

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1.  CAMELS Rating is -
a.  A credit rating by Credit Rating Agencies
b.  A credit information report by Credit Information Bureaus
c.  A supervisory rating for banks or financial institutions by financial market regulator
d.  None of the above

2.  How many components are there in CAMELS rating?
a.  5 components
b.  6 components
c.  7 components
d.  8 components

3.  What 'L' denotes in CAMELS rating?
a.  Liability
b.  Liquidity
c.  Leverage
d.  Listing

4.  Which of the following committee recommended the bank rating system in India?
a.  Padmanabhan committee
b.  Urjit Patel committee
c.  Subramanyan committee
d.  G.K.Pillai committee

5.  As per CAMELS rating scale, which one is the lowest rating?
a.  1
b.  2
c.  5
d.  6

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