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Day 8 - Questions

Day 8 - International Development Banks

(Asian Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, BRICS New Development Bank, China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, BRICS Nations, Fragile Five)

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1.  Who is the president of Asian Development Bank?
a.  Jim Yong Kim
b.  Janet Yellen
c.  Takehiko Nakao
d.  Christine Lagarde

2.  ADB recently releasd Asian Development Outlook (ADO) with the title 'Financing Asia's Future Growth'. According to the report, India's growth rate in fiscal year 2016 will be -
a.  7.4 %
b.  7.6 %
c.  7.8 %
d.  8.2 %

3.  ADB is a regional development bank, which facilitates development activities in Asia. Where is the headquarter of ADB?
a.  Washington DC, USA
b.  New York, USA
c.  Metro Manila, Philippines
d.  London, UK

4.  Which one is the correct combination of president and headquarter of World Bank?
a.  Takehiko Nakao, Washington DC
b.  Jim Yong Kim, New York
c.  Christine Lagarde, New York
d.  Jim Yong Kim, Washington DC

5.  Which of the following is not a member organization of World Bank Group (WBG)?
a.  International Finance Corporation (IFC)
b.  International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
c.  International Monetary Fund (IMF)
d.  International Development Association (IDA)

6.  Which of the followings make up the World Bank?
i.  IBRD
ii.  IDA
iii. MIGA
iv. IFC
vi. IMF

a.  Only (i) and (ii)
b.  All except (vi)
c.  Only (vi)
d.  None of the above choices

7.  International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s work area includes -
a.  promote international monetary cooperation
b.  provides resources to help members in balance of payment (BOP) difficulties
c.  promotes exchange rate stability
d.  all of the above

8.  Which one is the correct combination of president and headquarter of IMF?
a.  Takehiko Nakao, Washington DC
b.  Jim Yong Kim, New York
c.  Christine Lagarde, Washington DC
d.  Jim Yong Kim, Philippines

9.  Which of the following is not a member of BRICS Nations?
a.  Russia
b.  India
c.  China
d.  South Korea

10.  Which country will host the 7th BRICS Summit in July, 2015?
a.  Brazil
b.  Russia
c.  India
d.  China

11.  New Development Bank (NDB) was proposed in which BRICS Summit?
a.  6th BRICS Summit in Brazil, hosted by Dilma Rousseff
b.  5th BRICS Summit in South Africa, hosted by Jacob Zuma
c.  4th BRICS Summit in India, hosted by Manmohan Singh
d.  3rd BRICS Summit in China, hosted by Hu Jintao

12.  What is the initial capital of NDB?
a.  USD 100 billion
b.  USD 200 billion
c.  USD 50 billion
d.  USD 150 billion

13.  Which of the following is true regarding headquarter and regional center of NDB respectively?
a.  Johannesburg, Shanghai
b.  Shanghai, Johannesburg
c.  New Delhi, Shanghai
d.  Johannesburg, New Delhi

14.  The first president of NDB will come from?
a.  Brazil
b.  Russia
c.  India
d.  China

15.  The first chairman of the Board of Directors will come from?
a.  Brazil
b.  Russia
c.  India
d.  South Africa

16.  The first chairman of the Board of Governors will come from?
a.  Brazil
b.  Russia
c.  India
d.  China

17.  Which of the following countries are referred to as 'Fragile Five' countries by Morgan Stanley research analyst Mr. Jim O'Neil -
i.  Indonesia
ii.  India
iii.  South Africa
iv.  China
v.  Brazil
vi.  Turkey
vii.  Russia

a.  Only (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) and (vii)
b.  Only (i), (ii), (iii), (v) and (vi)
c.  All except (iv)
d.  Only (i), (iii), (v) and (vii)

18.  What is the full form of AIIB?
a.  Asia Infrastructure Independent Bank
b.  Asia Independent Investment Bank
c.  Asia Investment Infrastructure Bank
d.  Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank

19.  Which country proposed AIIB with authorized capital of USD 100 billion?
a.  India
b.  China
c.  USA
d.  Japan

20.  Where will be the headquarter of AIIB?
a.  Shanghai
b.  Beijing
c.  New Delhi
d.  Washington DC

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