Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mission IBPS PO/Clerk V (2015-16)

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IBPS PO IV and Clerk IV for 2014-15 is now over! Congrats to those who have cleared the exams. Those who have missed this time should not loose hope! Your hard work will pay off for sure.
For the new candidates, start working hard from now. Hope all of you will succeed in your maiden attempt!

Mission IBPS PO/Clerk V (2015-16)
Now its time for Mission IBPS PO/Clerk V (2015-16). Here we are providing you a comprehensive Study Guide for Banking Awareness section. You can follow the Study Plan, along with the Current Affairs provided on daily basis to get maximum marks from these sections (Of course, these will help you a lot in Interviews)

This Study Plan is solely based on Banking Awareness section, and will continue for approx. 3 months. A timetable is created for your daily study (Sundays off), with specified topics. The topics are discussed in Bankoncepts site (links will be provided).
You just need to go through the topic on that day, and answer some basic questions, if any. An hour a day is sufficient for this program.

Our goal is to make you fully capable of answering most of the questions in banking awareness section (both written and interviews) correctly, in the upcoming banking exams (e.g., IBPS, SBI, etc.).

Current Affairs Section will be regularly updated as usual.
Hope you will appreciate our efforts! Feel free to share your views..

Start Date - April 13, 2015 (Monday)
Period - approx. 3 months

Register here to get Study Plan for Banking Awareness section (free registration).
Note that free registration is required for now, so that only serious candidates avail the facility.

Feel free to share your views..

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