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Day 18 - Questions

Day 18 - Money Laundering

( Money Laundering, PMLA 2002, Stages of Money Laundering - Placement, Layering, Integration )

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1.  Money Laundering is a -
a.  Civil Offense
b.  Criminal Offense
c.  Both (a) and (b)
d.  None of the above

2.  Money Laundering involves -
a.  2 stages
b.  3 stages
c.  4 stages
d.  5 stages

3.  In which stage of Money Laundering, several transactions are done to remove the trace of money?
a.  Placement
b.  Layering
c.  Integration
d.  None of the above

4.  In which stage, illegitimate money comes back to the mainstream economy as a legitimate money?
a.  Placement
b.  Layering
c.  Integration
d.  None of the above

5.  What is the full form of PMLA?
a.  Provision of Money Laundering Act
b.  Prevention of Money Laundering Act
c.  Prescription of Money Laundering Act
d.  Proposition of Money Laundering Act

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