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Day 29 - Questions

Day 29 - Derivative Market

( Derivatives - Forwards, Futures, Options, etc. )

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1.  Which of the following is not a type of Derivative?
a.  Forwards
b.  Futures
c.  Debentures
d.  Options

2.  A derivative is a contract / agreement between two or more parties, whose value depends on, or associated with one or more underlying assets.
Which of the following can be an underlying asset?
a.  Shares and bonds
b.  Commodities
c.  Currencies
d.  All of the above

3.  Which of the following derivative is not a standardized, and doesn't involve Future Exchanges?
a.  Forwards
b.  Futures
c.  Both (a) and (b)
d.  None of the above

4.  Clearing House guarantee is provided in dealing with which type of Derivative?
a.  Forwards
b.  Futures
c.  Both (a) and (b)
d.  None of the above

5.  Option contract provides -
a.  Right to buy or sell an asset
b.  Obligation to buy or sell an asset
c.  Promise to buy or sell an asset
d.  None of the above

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