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Day 43 - Questions

Day 43 - Appreciation and Depreciation

( Appreciation and Depreciation )

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1.  Exchange rate or Conversion rate is -
a.  the rate at which a currency is converted to another currency
b.  the rate at which a bank pays interest to its savings deposits
c.  the rate charged at foreign transactions
d.  none of the above

2.  If conversion rate of INR to USD increases, then the valuation of Indian Rupees -
a.  increases
b.  decreases
c.  has no change
d.  none of the above

3.  In depreciation, the valuation of a currency -
a.  increases
b.  decreases
c.  has no change
d.  none of the above

4.  If the valuation of a currency is increased with respect to another currency, then it is known as -
a.  appreciation
b.  depreciation
c.  devaluation
d.  revaluation

5.  Which of the following currency is the most valuable currency in the world as of Jan 2015?
a.  US Dollar (USD)
b.  Euro (EUR)
c.  British Pound Sterling
d.  Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

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