Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 59 - Questions

Day 59 - Pre-2005 and MG-series Banknotes

( Pre-2005 Banknotes, MG-series Banknotes )

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1.  Which of the following is not a banknote series issued in India?
a.  Ashoka Pillar Banknotes issued from 1949
b.  Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Series-1996 Banknotes issued from 1996
c.  Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Series-2005 Banknotes issued from 2005
d.  Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Series-2012 Banknotes issued from 2012

2.  Which of the following series of banknotes bear the year of printing on the reverse side?
a.  Ashoka Pillar Series banknotes
b.  MG-series 1996 banknotes
c.  MG-series 2005 banknotes
d.  All of the above

3.  Which of the following is true regarding recent banknote circulation policy of RBI in India?
a.  Withdrawal of Pre-2005 banknotes
b.  Withdrawal of Pre-2012 banknotes
c.  Withdrawal of Pre-2010 banknotes
d.  Withdrawal of Pre-1996 banknotes

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